Alım Prosedürleri

En önemli satın alma prosedürleri nelerdir?

It is the buyer’s responsibility to contact the seller.

Buyers must identify themselves as BBE clients when they call or they may be considered a cash customer. The buyer should only speak with the contact person listed in the seller’s BBE Marketplace company description and/or the contact name given to them by the barter brokers.

Buyers are encouraged to get written estimates before the work begins if the trade involves special orders, construction jobs, service work, or long-term leases, and/or other work-in-progress trades.

The buyer presents his or her barter card to the seller at the time of purchase. However, if the buyer is paying with gift cards, gift certificates, and/or scrip, it is not necessary to present a barter card.

Sellers will provide their goods and services at their prevailing retail prices for 100% trade to buyers in good standing.

All taxes and tips are to be paid in cash by the buyer to the seller.

The buyer's account will be debited for the amount of the purchase when the BBE Trade Department issues the authorization number to the seller. BBE is not responsible for honoring authorizations granted due to any misrepresentations made by buyer or seller. BBE reserves the right to refuse to issue an authorization number approving a transaction if the buyer does not have a sufficient barter dollar balance, if the buyer’s account is past due on cash fees owed, and/or if either party is not a client in good standing.

Buyers must sign a completed 3-part form when the job is finished. They buyer’s signature acknowledges satisfactory receipt of the products and services described on the 3-part form and authorizes BBE to debit the buyer’s account in accordance to the BBE Trading Policies and Procedures.

Restaurants, golf courses, and establishments that sell food only accept scrip, gift cards and/or gift certificates for payment. Scrip, gift cards, and gift certificates can be ordered online in the BBE Marketplace or via phone by calling the BBE office. It is not necessary to complete a 3-part form when these certificates are used at these establishments.


Barter kredilerimi harcama konusunda nasıl yardım alabilirim?

Call your barter brokers at (919) 469-5538 or email them with your barter needs. They can recommend the best sellers to fulfill your barter needs. They will tell you about the new clients, one-time offers, special discount offers, and clients who are looking for more barter business. The better you know your barter brokers, the more they will be able to understand you and your spending habits.
Go to the online membership directory, the BBE Marketplace. The BBE Marketplace only lists the active clients who want more barter business! View the new client list, one-time offers, special discount offers, travel offers, scrip, gift cards,  gift certificates, and showroom merchandise available for sale. Review archived "Barter Loop" broadcast emails and faxes. Use the “Search by Location” category to view the clients in your area that want more barter business. View the daily “Spotlight” on the BBE Marketplace’s homepage to see the new clients and one-time offers. View the “Featured Clients” on the BBE Marketplace’s homepage to see the clients that want new barter business. View the “Popular Trades” on the bottom of the BBE Marketplace’s homepage to see the established barter clients who are looking for more barter business. View the “Sponsored Ads” that are displayed next to each individual client’s barter description.
Call your barter brokers to see if the products and services that you need are available from another barter exchange.
Read the "Barter Loop" broadcast emails. Each business day, BBE sends a broadcast email to all clients and debit card holders with an email address. Only the clients who are looking for more barter business are advertised on these emails.  Emails advertise new clients, one-time offers, and clients who are looking for more barter business. We also send out emails by categories. For example, all florists are advertised on Valentine’s Day Barter Loop.
Attend the BBE Holiday Fair. Meet the people who you want to do business with and purchase holiday gift for 100% barter from the participating barter vendors.
Refer the business owners that you want to use to the BBE network! If the product or service that you need is not available in the BBE barter network, refer the business owner to BBE. A referral bonus of $100 BBE barter dollars will be given to each client who refers a new client who joins our barter network! What a great way to earn some extra barter and spend on the products and services that you need!
Call the BBE sales director to request a product or service on barter that BBE does not have in your area. Call the Director of Sales, Christina Carman on her cell phone at (919) 796-6767 or email Christina with your specific barter needs. The sales staff will telemarket business owners that you request in your area to recruit their businesses into the BBE network.
Accept customer service calls from the barter brokers when they call to promote the new members, one-time offers, and clients who want more barter business.
Make BBE an integral part of your business! Always call the barter brokers before you spend cash!

Ürün satın alma için ne zaman yazılı bir tahminde bulunmalıyım?

The buying client should obtain a written estimate from the selling client before authorizing the work to begin for all purchase over five hundred ($500) barter dollars. The sellers may choose to obtain a work-in-progress deposit / down-payment in barter dollars in the same non-refundable manner as a cash transaction. This is done with a 3-part form and work-in-progress authorization number. Work-in-progress deposits and down payments are considered normal trades.

Bir müşteri bana para ödemeye çalıştığında ne olur?

It is imperative that clients always identify themselves as a BBE client before they purchase products and services on barter. Clients who charge other BBE clients cash for their products and services who have not notified the BBE Trade Department in writing that their account is “on hold” prior to sale will be charged a twenty-five (25%) percent cash transaction fee on the total amount of the cash sale. It is the buyer’s responsibility to contact the BBE office when this happens.